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This list is intended to be a comprehensive list of all canals and navigations for use with the "Database of Canal Shareholders and Promoters".

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Included are:-

A All Canals and River Navigations of England, Wales and Scotland.

B All projects included even if not built:-

i where there is a list of subscribers or promoters

ii An Act of Parliament.

Excluded are:-

A Canals and River Navigations of Eire and Northern Ireland.

B Projects which were proposed but did not reach the Act of Parliament stage.

Ref Name of Canal or Navigation Date of Act

A01 Aberdare Canal 1793

A02 Aberdeenshire Canal 1796

A03 Aberdeenshire Projects, the Pitfour Canal circa 1790

A04 Adelphi Canal built 1799

A05 Adur River ( River Adur & Baybridge Canal) 1807

A06 Aike Beck 1799

A07 Aire & Calder Navigation (& River Aire) 1698

A08 Alford Canal 1826

A09 Ancholme Navigation 1767

A10 Andover Canal 1789

A11 Angus Schemes

A12 Annandale & Nithdale Canals schemes

A13 Arun River & Arun Navigation 1785

A14 Ashburnham's (Earl of Ashburnham's Canal) circa 1796

A15 Ashburton Canal Project

A16 Ashby Canal 1794

A17 Ashby de la Zouch Canal (same as above ?)

A18 Ashton Canal 1792

A19 Avon River, Bristol Avon 1712

A20 Avon River, Bristol Avon - Horse Towing Path 1807

A21 Avon River, Hampshire 1664/5

A22 Avon River, Warwickshire

A23 Awe (Loch Awe project) 1793

A24 Axe River (Rivers Axe & Brue & Pillrow Cut)

A25 Aylsham Navigation (or Upper Bure Navigation) 1773

B01 Barnsley Canal 1793

B02 Basingstoke Canal 1778

B03 Bath & Bristol Canal Project 1811

B04 Beaulieu River

B05 Beverley Beck

B06 Billericay Canal Project

B07 Birmingham Canal Navigations should B10 be listed here ?

B08 Birmingham, Dudley No 1

B09 Birmingham, Dudley No 2

B10 Birmingham & Fazeley BCN ?

B11 Birmingham & Liverpool Junction (now the Shropshire Union) 1826

B12 Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal

B13 Birmingham, Netherton Tunnel Branch

B14 Blyth Navigation

B15 Bo'ness Canal

B16 Bourne Eau

B17 Bradford Canal

B18 Brecknock & Abergavenny Canal

B19 Bridgewater Canal 1761

B20 Bridgwater & Taunton Canal

B21 Bristol & Taunton Canal 1811

B22 Brown's Canal

B23 Brue River (see Glastonbury Canal)

B24 Buckingham Canal

B25 Bude Canal

B26 Burnturk Canal

B27 Burry & Loughor Rivers

B28 Bury & Sladen Canal Project

C01 Caistor Canal

C02 Calder & Hebble Navigation

C03 Caledonian Canal

C04 Caldon Canal

C05 Cam River

C06 Campbeltown Canal

C07 Campsie Canal Project

C08 Cann Quarry Canal

C09 Canterbury Navigation & Sandwich Harbour

C10 Car Dyke

C11 Carlingwark Canal

C12 Carlisle Canal

C13 Cart River

C14 Cassington Cut

C15 Cemlyn Canal

C16 Chard Canal

C17 Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation opened 1757

C18 Chester Canal 1771

C19 Chesterfield Canal

C20 Chichester Canal

C21 Cinderford Canal

C22 Colne Navigation

C23 Coombe Hill Canal

C24 Coventry Canal

C25 Crinan Canal

C26 Cromford Canal

C27 Croydon Canal

C28 Cyfartha Canal

D01 Dartford & Crayford Navigaation

D02 Dearne & Dove Canal 1793

D03 Derby Canal 1793

D04 Derwent River, Derbyshire

D05 Derwent Navigation, Yorkshire

D06 Dick Brook

D07 Digbeth Branch Canal

D08 Dingwall Canal

D09 Doctor's Canal

D10 Don River 1725

D11 Donnington Wood Canal

D12 Dorset & Somerset Canal 1796

D13 Douglas Navigation

D14 Driffield Navigation

D15 Droitwich Canal

D16 Dudley Canal 1776

D17 Dudley Canal 1785

D18 Dudley Canal No 2 1793

D19 Duke's Cut

D20 Dun River Navigation 1726

E01 Eardington Forges Canal

E02 Earl of Ashburnham's Canal

E03 Edinburgh & Glasgow Union

E04 Ellesmere Canal 1793

E05 Ellesmere & Chester Canal

E06 Emmet's canal

E07 English & Bristol Channels Ship Canal 1769 to 1825

E08 Erewash Canal see Grand Junction Canal

E09 Exeter Ship Canal

E10 Exeter & Crediton Navigation

F01 Fletcher's Canal

F02 Flint Coal Canal

F03 Forth & Cart Canal

F04 Forth & Clyde Canal (Scotland) 1768 ?

F05 Foss Navigation, Yorkshire

F06 Fossdyke Canal

G01 Galton's & Brown's Canals, Somerset

G02 General Warde's (Dafen) Canal

G03 General Warde's (Yspitty) Canal

G04 Glamorganshire Canal 1790

G05 Glan Y Wern Canal

G06 Glasgow, Paisley & Johnstone Canal

G07 Glastonbury Navigation & Canal Company 1827

G08 Glenkens Canal

G09 Glocester and Berkeley Canal Company

G10 Gloucester & Sharpness Ship Canal

G11 Gloucester & Worcester Horse Towing Path 1811

G12 Grand Junction Canal 1796

G13 Grand Surrey Canal

G14 Grand Union Canal (Old)

G15 Grand Union Canal (1929)

G15a Grand Union Aylesbury Arm Aylesbury Canal Society

G15b Grand Union Erewash Canal

G16c Grand Union Leicester Line - Grand Union Canal (Old)

- Leicester Navigation

- Leicestershire & Northamptonshire Union

- Loughborough Navigation


G16 Grand Western Canal

G17 Grantham Canal

G18 Greaseborough (Park Gate) Canal

G19 Great Ouse River

G20 Gresley's Canal

G21 Grosvenor Canal

G22 Gwauncaegurwen Canal

H01 Hackney canal

H02 Halifax Branch Canal

H03 Haslingden Canal

H04 Hatherton

H05 Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Navigation 1793

H05 Hertford Union (or Lee Union or Sir George Duckett's Canal)

H06 Hopkin's Canal

H07 Horncastle Canal

H08 Huddersfield Broad Canal

H09 Huddersfield Narrow Canal

I01 Invararnan Canal

I02 Ipswich & Stowmarket Navigation

I03 Isle of Dogs Canal

I04 Itchen River

I05 Ivel River

I06 Ivelchester ????

K01 Kennet River

K02 Kennet & Avon Canal Navigation 1794

K03 Kensington Canal

K04 Ketley Canal

K05 Keyingham Navigable Drains

K06 Kidwelly & Llanelly Tramroad & Canal

K07 Kilbagie Canal

K08 Kilgetty Canal

K09 Kyme Eau, (see Sleaford Navigation)

K10 Kymer's Canal

L01 Lancaster Canal

L02 Lapal Canal

L03 Lark River

L04 Lee & Stort Navigations

L05 Leeds & Liverpool Canal

L06 Leicester Navigation 1796 ?

L07 Leicester & Northamptonshire Union Canal

L08 Leominster Canal

L09 Leven Canal, Yorkshire

L10 Lichfield

L11 Liskeard & Looe Union Canal

L12 Little Ouse (or Brandon River) Norfolk & Suffolk

L13 Little Punchard Gill Boat Level

L14 Llangollen Canal

L15 Llamsamlet (Smith's Canal)

L16 London & Cambridge Junction Canal

L17 Loughborough Navigation

L18 Louth Navigation, Lincolnshire

L19 Lydney Canal, Gloucestershire

M01 Macclesfield Canal

M02 Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal

M03 Manchester & Salford Junction Canal

M04 Manchester Ship Canal

M05 Market Weighton Canal, Yorkshire

M06 Medway River, Kent

M07 Melton Mowbray Navigation 1796

M08 Mersey & Irwell Navigation, Lancashire

M09 Middle Level Navigations

M10 Millwall Canal

M11 Monkland Canal, Lanarkshire 1770

M12 Monmouthshire Canal Navigation

M13 Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal

M14 Montgomeryshire Canal

N01 Neath Canal

N02 Nene River, Westbridge Arm

N03 Newcastle under Lyme Canal

N04 Newdigate Canals, Warwickshire

N05 Newport Pagnell Canal, Buckinghamshire

N06 Newport Branch Canal opened 1835

N07 North Walsham & Dilham Canal 1812

N08 North Wilts Canal (see Wilts & Berks) 1813

N09 Norwich & Lowestoft Navigation

N10 Nottingham Canal

N10A Bilborough Cut

N10B Robinett's Arm

N11 Nutbrook Canal, Derbyshire

O01 Oakham Canal

O02 Ouse River, (Great Ouse, Bedfordshire)

O03 Ouse River, (Sussex)

O04 Ouse see Yorkshire Ouse Navigation

O05 Oxford Canal 1769

P01 Par Canal, Cornwall

P02 Parrett River

P03 Parrott's Canal, Warwickshire

P04 Peak Forest Canal

P05 Pitfour Canal, see Aberdeenshire Projects, the Pitfour Canal

P06 Pocklington Canal

P07 Portsmouth & Arundel Canal, Sussex

R01 Ramsden's (Sir John Ramsden's Canal now Huddersfield Broad Canal)

R02 Regent's Canal

R03 Ribble Link

R04 Rochdale Canal

R05 Romford Canal

R06 Rother River

R07 Royal Military Canal, Sussex

S01 Salisbury & Southampton Canal

S02 Sandiacre Canal

S03 Sankey Brook Navigation (or St Helen's Canal) 1757

S04 Severn River

S05 Severn & Wye Valley Railway & Canal Co

S06 Sheffield Canal, Yorkshire

S07 Shrewsbury Canal Act 1793

S08 Shropshire Union Canal

S09 Shropshire Union Railways & Canal Co

S10 Sleaford Navigation

S11 Soar River

S12 Somersetshire Coal Canal 1794

S13 Somersetshire Coal Canal, Lock Fund

S14 St Helen's Canal (or Sankey Brook) 1757

S15 Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal 1766

S16 Stainforth & Keadby Canal, Yorkshire & Lincolnshire 1793

S17 Stort River, see Lee & Stort

S18 Stour River, Kent

S19 Stour River, Essex & Suffolk

S20 Stour River, Worcestershire

S21 Stourbridge Canal, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire

S22 Stourbridge Extension 1837

S23 Stover Canal, Devon

S24 Stratford upon Avon Canal 1793

S25 Stratford / Moreton Tramway

S26 Stroudwater Navigation

S27 Swansea & Trewyddfa Canals

T01 Tamar Manure Navigation, Devon

T02 Tavistock Canal, Devon

T03 Tennant Canals

T04 Thames River

T05 Thames & Medway Canal

T06 Thames & Severn Canal Navigation

T07 Torrington Canal (or Rolle Canal), Devon

T08 Trent River

T09 Trent & Mersey Canal

U01 Ulverston Canal

U02 Union Canal (Scotland)

U03 Uttoxeter Canal

V01 Vauxhall Canal

W01 Walsall Canal

W02 Warwick & Birmingham Canal 1793

W03 Warwick & Napton Canal 1794

W04 Waveney Navigation, Suffolk

W05 Weaver Navigation, Cheshire

W06 Welland Navigation

W07 Wendover Arm

W08 Wern Canal

W09 Western Rother Navigation and Petworth Canal, Sussex

W10 Westport Canal

W11 Wey & Arun Junction Canal

W12 Wey & Godalming Navigations

W13 Wilts & Berks Canal (inc North Wilts Canal)

W14 Wisbech Canal, Isle of Ely

W15 Witham & Fossdyke Navigations (inc Witham Navigable Drains)

W16 Woodeaves Canal

W17 Woking, Aldershot, and Basingstoke Canal and Navigation

W18 Worcester & Birmingham Canal 1791

W19 Wye River

W20 Wyrley & Essington Canal, Staffordshire

Y01 Yorkshire Ouse Navigation



A 25

B 28

C 28

D 20

E 10

F 06

G 22

H 09

I 06

J 00

K 10

L 19

M 14

N 11

O 05

P 07

Q 00

R 07

S 27

T 09

U 03

V 01

W 19

X 00

Y 01

Z 00

Total 287

Derrick Hunt 04.05.04

Not included

Sir John Glynne's (Salteney or Hawarden) Canal or Bretton Canal built privately



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